Solo Exhibitions
"Sovereign Whores and Seditious Technology"
Skippergata 14, Oslo, Norway
November 2006 (installation, performance and panel discussion)

"The Aphrodite Project: Platforms"
Eyebeam, New York, NY
May 2006 (installation, performance, and panel discussion)

Group Exhibitions / Performances / Live Demos / Screenings
Inside Out Film Festival
Toronto, Canada
May 2008 (screening)

"The Audacity of Desperation"
The Urbana- Champaign Independent Media Center, Urbana, IL
May-June 2008
Sea and Space Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
October-November 2008
Curated by Jessica Lawless and Sarah Ross

"Threads", part of "The Feminine Mystique"
Jersey City Museum, Jersey City, NJ
February 2008
Curated by _Gaia

"Sex in Design | Design in Sex"
Museum of Sex, New York, NY
January-July 2008
Curated by Sarah Jacobs

Sesc Avenida Paulista - São Paulo Brasil
December-January 2008
Curated by Paulo Hartmann

"In Her Shoes | In Her Head"
Project One Stop for Art Caucasus 2007 - International Arts Forum, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
October 2007 (performance, intervention)
Curated by Lydia Matthews with Ani Riaboshenko

Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ
September 2007 (installation, performances, live demos)
Curated by Evonne M. Davis

Ladyfest Torino
Cafe Liber, Torino, Italy
September 2007 (screening)

"Roaming Hookerfest"
Video projections onto buildings throughout San Fancisco, CA
July 2007
Curated by Erica Berman, AKA Fabulous

Sex Workers Film Festival
Roxie Theater, San Francisco, CA
July 2007 (screening)
Curated by Carol Leigh

Entzaubert Film Festival
Schwarzer Kanal, Berlin
June 2007 (screening)

"Sex Worker Visions 2"
Arena Studios, New York, NY
May 2007 (performance)
Curated by Audacia Ray

Maker Faire
San Mateo Fairgrounds, San Mateo, CA
May 2007 (live demos)
Organized by Dale Dougherty

"Where 2.0"
Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, CA
May 2007

Nuit Blanche Festival
NFB Cinema, Montreal, Canada
March 2007 (screening)

Festival XXYZ
La Luna Loca, Toulouse, France
February 2007 (screening)

"Sisyphean Desires, Systems and Devices"
Saltworks Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Sarai New Media Center, New Delhi, India
December 2006-January 2007 (screenings)
Curated by Avantika Bawa

Nordic Exceptional Trendshop, IT University, Copenhagen, Denmark
December 2006 (installation, performance)
Curated by Peder Burgaard

"Interface and Society"
Henie Onstad Kunstsenter/Atelier Nord, Oslo, Norway
November 2006 (installation)
Curated by Atle Barcley, Erich Berger and Caroline Ugelstad

"Visualizing TRANS"
Kupfer Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI
October 2006 (screening)

WIRED Magazine's "NextFest"
Future of Design Pavilion, Javits Center, New York, NY
September 2006 (installation)
Curated by Victor Friedberg

"ZeroOne San Jose"
ISEA2006 International Symposium of Electronic Art, San Jose, CA
August 2006 (artist's presentation)
Organized by Steve Deitz and Joe Slayton

SIGGRAPH2006, Boston, MA
July 2006 (performance)
Curated by Amanda Parkes

"Mobile Studios: GPS Fest"
House of Future (Jovo haza), Budapest, Hungary
May 2006 (artist's presentation)
Organized by Ela Kagel and Judit Szalai

"Sex Worker Visions"
Sex Work Matters Conference, New York, NY
April 2006
Curated by Audacia Ray, $PREAD magazine